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Heute berät der Bundestag über die Entsendung von 1.200 Soldatinnen und Soldaten der Deutschen Bundeswehr. Wenn dies verabschiedet wird, träte damit Deutschland in den Kampf gegen den IS ein. Aus meiner Sicht wäre dies unverantwortlich – und zwar nicht, weil ich Angst hätte, dass Deutschland damit Ziel von Bombenattentaten wird, sondern weil wir auf Attentate nicht mit Krieg antworten dürfen.

The UK is right now debating joining the US-led coalition to bomb Isis in Syria. This will achieve nothing except add to the misery so many Syrians face. Already 11 countries are bombing Syria. 12 if you count their own regime.

Syrians along with Iraqis are the first victims of Isis and have driven them out of dozens of towns and villages in the past. But they cannot do so while they are being attacked by Bashar al-Assad and now Russia.

Bombing Isis is not the answer. The UK and other countries should use their power to intervene in Syria to stop the bombs and protect civilians.

Support the Syrian call for a no-bombing zone now. It’s the best way to save lives and defeat Isis. (Want to know about safe zones vs no-fly zones vs no-bombing zones? Read more here).

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