»Godspeed« – Interview with Sonja Steppan for Questrezine

QUESTREZINE | Sonja Steppanski | Interview | GROSSARTIG

Eines Tages, er ist noch nicht so lange her, schrieb mir Sonja Steppan eine eMail. Inhalt: Die zweite Ausgabe von Questrezine – einem ganz wunderbaren Projekt über Menschen, die Dinge tun, die andere toll finden und/oder glücklich machen. So oder so ähnlich. Keine Frage war es einzuwilligen, einige Fragen zu beantworten, darunter diese:

Questrezine: What is the most heart-warming compliment you have gotten so far?

Alf: Even if it was a kind of deputy compliment: It was the most heart-warming one I’ve ever heard. I spent a weekend with my family in Wilhelmsglücksbrunn, a small village in Thuringia. My daughter Ava just ran through the garden and over the terrace and had a lot of fun with being herself, deeply and unique. On a table, a couple which we met the evening before was sitting and playing with the owner’s cat. Ava, curious and shy at the same time, was looking at the cat. I talked with her and the couple and after a while, he said – more to his girlfriend or wife then to me: “Is she always like this? If yes, we should have thought about getting kids twice!” A statement, so lovely and sad at the same moment. A statement, more for Ava than for me or Christina. A really heart-warming one, which makes me smile again. Thanks for that, even though we will never met again.

QUESTREZINE | Sonja Steppanski | Interview | GROSSARTIG

Weitere persönliche Gedanken und Geschichten von mir gibt es im Questrezine.

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