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Bunker by Kyle Rapps

» Kyle Rapps delivers a distorted, paranoid new banger for those who keep it 1984, with „Bunker“, produced by NYC’s Dollar Bin. The track is dedicated to his brother, Ben, who resides in the rapper’s former stomping grounds in New Jersey. And whenever they get together, Rapps (who now resides in Mexico City) walks away with lyrical inspiration in the form of out-there ideas and perspectives, some of which helped shape the Cannibal Ox-reminiscent „Bunker.“ «

Fifty-Phiphti von I’lls

Gestern habe ich in der BBC Radio One Residency von Maribou State die wunderbaren und klanglich so verträumten I’lls mit ihrem Track „Fifty-Phiphti“ entdeckt und der Song geht mir seitdem nicht mehr wirklich aus dem Gehörgang. Große Klasse! Dan Rutman – Guitar Hamish Mitchell – Keys Simon Lam – Drums, Voice Solitaire Recordings

Lee Majors Come Again by Beastie Boys

» Over three-and-a-half-minutes of furious electric guitar and fat distorted bass, MCA, Ad-Rock, and Mike D trade lines about Apple Bottom jeans, kung-fu grips, and the Six Million Dollar Man himself, Lee Majors. « Larry Fitzmaurice for 2011 release, the long-awaited eighth album from the Hip Hop/Rock trio. Hot Sauce Committee Part Two was produced by Beastie Boys and mixed by Philippe Zdar. This album marks Mike „Mike D“ Diamond, Adam „Ad Rock“ Horovitz and Adam „MCA“ Yauch’s first full length effort since 2007’s Grammy-winning all-instrumental The Mix-Up.

„Die Stadt gehört den Besten“ von Marathonmann

„Es geht um Dinge, über die man mit dem älter werden immer häufiger nachdenkt. Um Wege, die man einschlägt; um Entscheidungen, die man treffen muss. Um Veränderungen, die wir alle durchmachen. Es geht um Freundschaften, Erinnerungen, Verbundenheit, Undankbarkeit und das Leben.“   Der Song zur Cycle Cap von AH310 aus unserer letzten Folge von »Z² – Zahn und Zieger unterwegs« (5 Etagen voller Geschichten: Z² in den Kant-Garagen): „Die Stadt gehört den Besten“ von Marathonmann!

TGV by Zombie Nation

» This song was crafted in my temporary studio/storage cellar near munich’s central station. The area is filled with one euro shops, red light bars and delicious grilled lamb sandwiches. The transportation of choice here is the ICE high speed train. But unluckily for the ‚Deutsche Bahn‘ the first beats of this track were made on a TGV train from Paris to somewhere I don’t remember. And the French deserve credit anyway for having Europe’s best train system. « Zombie Nation about his new track for Resident Advisor

Happiness Before Riches by Bun B & GLC (Hood Internet Remix)

Pairing the two emcees’ [Bun B & GLC] vivid bars with some smooth, head-nodding production, the remix truly shows the skill level of Hood Internet; turning the original on its head through unexpected chops and tempo-flips seems to come with ease. The project, which is blatantly titled Some Remixes, gathers contributions from some of the best up-and-coming producers like Smoko Ono, Odd Couple, Walkingshoe, Blev & more, and is set to drop within the coming weeks. Sam Schmieg for Closed Sessions

Set me on (David August Remix) by Qtier

Des crépitements qui craquent les parois et les sas des émotions, dispersant une douceur distillée par des cadences magnétiques teintées de lancinances soul, brouillées dans des harmonies pop électro, voici Qtier avec Set Me On. Tamisant les sentiments, en les enveloppant dans une obscurité bienveillante, ils révèlent l’indicible grâce à un chant qui emporte dans une pérégrination arachnéenne. De leurs rythmes suaves, Adam Pless et Howard Whiddett cadencent les pensées, tutoyant l’intimiste rêveur par des tempos aux tensions sous-tendues. Set Me On semble alors dire avec délicatesse à la manière d’Antonio Porchia « Tout est un peu d’obscurité, jusqu’à la lumière elle-même. » Deborah Cukier pour

Conversations by FYFE

Fyfe is 23-year-old Paul Dixon, an English artist who earned some shine overseas under the name David’s Lyre before his remix prowess pushed him to put down the guitar and nuzzle up to Logic Pro. Now he turns his crisp coo to the task of accompanying brooding beats, and the contrast is entrancing. Like Mikky Ekko before him and even James Blake to some extent, Fyfe’s bifurcated approach benefits both sides of the equation: The vocals give the production uplift, but the dark soundtrack stops those melodies from being too sweet. Chris Martins for  

The Liquid Amber EP by DJ Shadow

I’m pleased to announce THE LIQUID AMBER EP. This single/EP serves as the opening salvo in what I hope is a long string of music, by myself and others, on my new imprint: LIQUID AMBER. There’s two new songs, „Ghost Town“ and „Mob,“ and a nifty remix of „Six Days“ by Machinedrum. „Ghost Town“ is an ambitious ride through many of the micro-genres within the Future Bass umbrella that have inspired me recently, while „Mob“ is an intentionally stripped-down, Cali-certified head-nodder. Both songs were written, programmed, and mixed by myself, and they represent the forward steps I feel I’ve taken as an engineer. The „Six Days“ remix was something I asked Machinedrum to knock out as a tour weapon, and he crushed it (naturally), so I felt it deserved a proper release. I’m excited about this music and the new imprint, and I really appreciate everyone’s time and consideration.